The Top 3 Things Labor Nurses Say You Should Do can fulfill 2 out of those three things, and help you find the third!

The three things they want you to have?

1.  Childbirth Education.
A whooping 94% of nurses surveyed said women should take childbirth classes.
“Usually the more prepared women are the better the experience. The fear factor decreases and with it so does the pain,” wrote one of the nurses surveyed.
Another had this to say, “women think that watching The Baby Story and similar shows on TLC, etc., is preparation for childbirth, and is realistic. This is not the typical birth experience.”

2.  A Birth Plan.
“Developing a birth plan takes conscious thought and may assist (especially first time) mothers with being more informed about options.”
Another nurse writes, “I’ve noticed a lot of people use pre-made birth plans from the Internet, which doesn’t really help them to be more knowledgeable about the process of labor of delivery.  I’m not convinced simply having a birth plan will help patient’s to be more knowledgeable or prepared about the process.”  So true. I love these nurses! 

3.  A Doula.
“A doula can be a great support if a woman is trying to have an unmedicated delivery. A woman really needs one-to-one care when she is laboring without any pain meds.”
"Continual labor support from a confident and knowledgeable support person makes a huge difference in outcomes.”

See the full article here.

For more tips and tricks on the childbearing year, including online childbirth education classes, visit


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