Why in the World are you so SWOLLEN?

I got a desperate call from my pregnant niece today,

“My feet are huge!  And my lower back aches all the time.  HELP!”

You know, everything you can find about swelling during pregnancy really….does not go far enough or take it seriously enough.  It took me until my 5th pregnancy to really figure out the cause and real life effective treatment!  Meanwhile, during my other 4 pregnancies my feet were like overstuffed sausages and it was incredibly painful to stand for more than 3 minutes at a time. And if you do have bad lower back pain, that is your kidneys as well!

 I want to give you GREAT suggestions to eliminate swelling during pregnancy.

Why You Swell?

Because your kidneys aren’t functioning optimally.  They aren’t removing waste products efficiently.  This goes for any type of swelling, pregnant or not, including the puffiness under and around your eyes.

How Do You Fix That?

Besides all the standard “put your feet up and wear compression hose” suggestions, let’s get to the root of the problem.


1.  Eating about a 5 lb watermelon everyday will completely flush your kidneys, and reduce or eliminate the swelling. Other foods that works well is parsley, onion, celery, fish oil ( LOVE Barlean’s Lemon Swirl), garlic and peppermint.

2.  Take kidney supporting herbs.  I like Happy Backs from Herbalogie.com, but anything with uva ursi or gravelroot is great.  Also, many herbal preparations have parsley in them, it’s a great addition.

3.  Lemon, Rosemary, Peppermint or Cypress essential oils, rubbed on the lower back region and on the feet work really well to nourish your kidneys and get them working well.  You can use them neat (aka put them straight on) or put a few drops in carrier oil like olive oil or apricot oil and massage it in.  Again, Herbalogie.com is a great resource as well as ButterflyExpress.com

4.  Drink a lot of water or tea, such as pregnancy tea or uva ursi tea.

By the way, toxemia and pre eclampsia, which are very serious conditions, are both kidney problems.  While not all women that swell end up with these ailments, it’s a good idea to incorporate these suggestion to help stave them off.

Visit Birthologie.com or Go here for more information on pregnancy discomforts.


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