Creating a Sacred Birth Space

I am a firm believer in birth being a peaceful and beautiful experience.  Afterall, I wrote a whole book on it!  The Way of the Peaceful Birther.

This article gives you specific ways that you can enhance your birth environment:

"Here are three ways to create your sacred birth field:

  1. Mantra: Create a positive affirmation and repeat it often. An example is, “My body is perfectly designed to grow and birth a healthy happy baby.” Notice yourself transform!
  2. Meditation: Relax often in a nurturing space where you can quiet your mind and emotions. Speak to your baby from your heart space and listen to what you receive back.
  3. Movement: Honor the beauty of your changing body through yoga, dance, or other low-impact movement during pregnancy. Tune into your body and your baby and receive what comes through you whether it be emotions, feelings, thoughts, or visuals."

Birth is much more than a physical experience, make it a beautiful one, too.

For more tips and tricks to make a birth beautiful, visit


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