Childhood Flu Shot…Side Effects Worse Than the Illness?

What if you were told that the risk of your child becoming hospitalized with side effects from the flu shot were greater than the side effects from the flu itself?  Would you still vaccinate?

Recently in Austrailia, where they use the same flu vaccines the U.S. does,"Public health experts have called for an independent body to monitor drug safety after it emerged that young children were more likely to end up in hospital because of side effects from a flu vaccine than they were from the disease itself.", the article reports.

More than 1000 adverse events have been reported in children under 5, with 100 of those being febrile seizures, some with lifelong injury.   This is the first year that the flu vaccine has 3 combined flu virus', the most controversial being the swine flu vaccine.  It is important that we look to other countries for their experiences with vaccines since our own government is tied up with a lot of conflicts of interest and red tape when it comes to unbiasedly looking at vaccine risk and benefit.

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