Kids’ ER Visits Fell After Cold Meds Pulled

What welcome news!  I'm sad to say that I heard more than once of parents overusing and misusing children's cold medicines.  OTC cold medications are extremely taxing on the liver, and can set a child up for a life of liver related illnesses and disease.  I couldn't be happier at hearing this news, but what how do you find relief for a child dealing with coughs and colds?  My personal tried and true remedies are:

  • To break a fever:  1-2 drops of peppermint essential oil on the spine, reapply as needed.  You can also put the oil in 1 tsp of a carrier oil, such as olive oil or apricot oil if you wish.  I prefer the oils from or
  • To eliminate the infection: A glycerin based echinacea and goldenseal tincture.  I prefer Infection Fighter from
  • To quell a cough and break up congestion: An herbal bronchiodilator, such as the Chill formula from, or an essential oil that contains cassia applied at teh back of the tongue or in a carrier oil and applied to the chest.  You can also cut up onions and garlic, stick it in the end of a leg of pantyhose and tie it around the chest.
  • And of course, homemade chicken noodle soup!
  • Wild Cherry bark and elderberry, as well as Homeopathics are also a great alternative for any and all of these ailments.

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