Been Told That Homebirth Studies Prove Its Dangerous?

Many women mistakenly assume that their hospital caregiver is willing to have a open hearted, respectful discussion about homebirth if they bring it up.   Sadly, and to everyone's detriment, to date I have never had a client have that happen.  It's usually ends in a lot of scare tactic, inflammatory statements.  Not too long ago, to add fuel to the homebirth discussion fire, a paper came out from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology saying that homebirth was associated with a higher death rate, and insinuated that those who chose homebirth were really just being selfish and choosing a more homey experience over safety. 

Not coincidentally, the paper came out right before New York was about to pass midwifery legislation, and all most parents heard was a sound byte of "Homebirth Kills".

Sadly, most people, much less OB's and some CNM's won't look any deeper than this sound byte into this highly politicized issue.  I urge you to get the facts on the paper, called "The Wax Paper" and keep in mind that the following criteria was put in place for this paper:

  • Accidental out of hospital births were included
  • Unplanned out of hospital births were included
  • Unattended out of hospital births were included
  • Women that had little to no prenatal care were included

All of these factors play a huge role in safety and do not reflect the real safety of homebirth, which has been scientifically shown over and over again to equal or excel hospital safety records.

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