Boys Being Targeted for ‘Cervical Cancer Vaccine’

Last September the U.S. saw it's first male death from the HPV vaccine…a 10 year old boy from New Jersey.  The reported injuries from the HPV vaccine is now 20,443, including deaths.  You must research closely risk vs. benefit with each individual vaccine, and the HPV vaccine, especially for boys, is highly controversial. 

I think the Dr. Christiane Northrup summed the HPV vaccine best when she said this on Oprah (Jan 17, 2008):

"That vaccine is of great interest to me because there are over 100 HPV types and this vaccine only targets 4 of them and although they are associated, they are associated, with cervical cancer, nobody has ever proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that HPV is the cause of cervical cancer. HPV – Human Papilloma Virus. It's a venereal wart virus. But this vaccine came out to protect women against certain strains of HPV that are associated with cervical cancer. Here's the deal: only about 3,500 women die per year from cervical cancer and the number decreases every year. So we're doing very well with PAP smears and other screening tests. So you should keep having those. And, I'm very concerned vaccinating girls 9 and over, every single one of them, with two vaccines. There have been some deaths from the vaccine and I'm a little against my own profession. My own profession feels everyone should be vaccinated. But I think the money could be better spent elsewhere, because here's the deal: you see HPV associated with abnormal PAP smears in women who are on immunosuppressant drugs — who have had kidney transplants or who have HIV disease. So it seems that virus is associated with cancer in those whose immune system is already depressed. So it's like a marker for a depressed immune system. Where I'd put my money is getting everybody on a dietary program that would enhance their immunity and then they would be able to resist that sort of thing."

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