The UnHoly Union Sesame Street Just Made

Gone are the days when you can trust Sesame Street to give our children some entertainment and education free from outside interest groups influence.

Sesame Street has sold out to Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Giant, Merck.  Merck is sponsoring a new 'superfood' project on sesame street, which include a clock of cheese and a hamburger bun.

To quote

Over the years, Sesame Street has played an important and valuable role in society by teaching children basic academics in a fun, playful way. Heck, I remember watching the show from time to time as a kid, and it was briefly entertaining.

But it is precisely because of Sesame Street's huge reach that it has an obligation to get its facts straight on superfoods. To promote cheese and sandwich bread as "superfood" is truly laughable, and it only demonstrates to the world that Sesame Street needs a little education itself.

We need a nutritional Sesame Street for the Sesame Street executives, it seems, who are as ignorant about nutrition as a four-year-old who hasn't yet learned how to count to ten.

Even worse, to partner with a drug company in the launch of such an endeavor is inherently unwise. Merck is the very same company that can't wait to vaccinate all the children watching Sesame Street and hit them with high-priced pharmaceuticals when they grow up and have more serious diseases because they've been living on cheese, processed foods and animal products.

To think that you can come up with a sound nutrition education program by partnering with a drug company is pure madness. Yet that's what Sesame Street has done here.

Maybe they should have realized that if you want to teach nutrition to children, you should talk to a nutritionist and not a vaccine manufacturer.

What's next with all this? Will Bert and Ernie go get seasonal flu shots manufactured by Merck and then tell the kids that vaccines are good nutrition, too?

Yes, that's exactly the propaganda that is coming. 

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