On Her 36 Hour Labor: Actress Danica McKellar aka Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years

I know I'm dating myself here, but I grew up wanting to be Winne Cooper. 

When I found out she had written math books for girls, I was all over that for my homeschooled daughter who wasn't too jazzed about math.

When I found out she did an unmedicated 36 hour hospital birth, and pulled her baby up from her body, I felt as if we could be bosom buddies. 

From Danica's and her husband's facebook pages:

"Ladies, I'm not saying you're 'less than' if you walk into the delivery room and ask for an entire pharmacy of drugs and an epidural," Mike writes on Facebook. "I'm just saying watching Danica go all cave-woman and do it without a single cc of help was pretty damn cool, that's all :)"

"For those of you who follow Mike Verta's page, you've already heard of the 'cavewoman' experience from his point of view – I did indeed go fully natural with the birth – no augmentation, no epidural, nada! It was the most incredible experience of my LIFE, and it's hard to describe the feeling of empowerment that has c…ome along with it. Easy? No. Worth it? YES."

Way to go, Winnie!



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