The Whooping Cough Vaccine Isn’t Working, What to do Instead

A few months ago there was much ado about the whooping cough (aka pertussis) outbreak in Southern California.  A lot of fear mongering and accusations flew around as to the cause of the outbreak. 

This was a good article on the whole situation that is worth looking into.

In this video, there were some mis statements in what these reporters were saying, but what was fact is that the majority of people infect in California were immunized.  In fact, immunization rates were higher during this outbreak than in years previous. 

What they didn't discuss was that whooping cough comes around every year, and it cycles every four years when we see an increase in the numbers, regardless of vaccination rates. 

Most of the time whooping cough presents as just a persistent cough that lasts around 3 months. 

While this illness can be serious, and isn't fun, it obviously continues to morph and outsmart all the vaccines and antibiotics we use for it.  Apparently vaccines and antibiotics aren't the answer to preventing and treating this disease.

What is the answer?  It's not a one liner, but it is simple.  

1.  Reference this previous post
2.  Get adequate amounts of Vit D via the sun and also avoid suncreen
3.  Increase your exposure to good bacteria via probiotics and healthy birth practices
4.  Become educated and prepared on natural ways to treat pertussis.  This, in addition to my previous post, is a good post on getting a head start

To learn more about vaccines, please visit


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