Get Ready to Laugh! Protectasil Vaccine: Smart Girls Get It

This video is a great spoof on the way vaccines – and really most pharmaceuticals – are marketed to us.  Big pharma spends quite a pretty penny on consumer psychology and marketing they know that fear, intimidation, social rejection/bullying, and accusations of neglectful parenting, irresponsibility and ignorance are all in the marketing game plan when it comes to vaccines.  Mainly because that's the bulk of what they have.  The LEGITIMATE studies on vaccines aren't all that reassuring, so of course that information isn't what is going to get put up into the mainstream media.  It's important for you to know how advertisers are trying to gain you as a customer.   

From the article "Smerck? Gardasil Vaccine Ad Spoof Flays Marketing Hype"

Dr. Paul Offiit's RotaTeq vaccine is also from Merck. His vaccine was approved for the pediatric schedule by the CDC that was run by Dr. Julie Gerberding – who is now the head of Merck's vaccine division. Cozier than that camo Snuggie you got from Santa!  And he will call you anti-vaccine if you do not give it and every other vaccine on the pediatric schedule to your children.


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