FDA’s Own Scientific Panel Urges Them to Stop Using ‘Silver Fillings’ on Children and Pregnant Women

One morning in 1984, when I was 10 years old, I woke up and couldn't put any weight on my legs nor walk.  For a few years I had been struggling with panic attacks, muscle aches labeled growing pains and fatigue.  This symptoms was the straw that broke the camel's back, though.  Luckily, my parents knew and took me to an MD, turned homeopath, who diagnosed me with a mercury allergy among others.

The next week we went to my dentist, who was also my uncle, to remove half my amalgam aka 'silver' fillings.  It was apparent he thought my mom was crazy.  Certainly there was no connection between my fillings and my muscular degeneration.  The dental industry has assured him for years that there was no harm in this material.

I walked into my uncle's office on crutches, and walked out without them.  The results were that quick for me. 

25 years later, we are one of the last industrialized countries still using silver fillings and there is still controversy around the practice.  At a recent hearing scientists concluded:

After reviewing the available scientific studies and the presentations of researchers, experts, dentists, and injured consumers, the scientists concluded that – contrary to the claims of FDA’s in-house dentist Susan Runner – amalgam is not safe for everybody.  According to the panel, FDA’s amalgam risk assessments were not adequate to protect hypersensitive adults, children, and unborn babies.  Repeatedly, panel members expressed their concern about amalgam use in children.  Pediatric neurologist Dr. Suresh Kotagal of the Mayo Clinic summed it up for the entire panel: “There is really no place for mercury in children.”  Other panelists went on to explain that dental mercury is like lead.  The panel urged FDA to quickly contraindicate amalgam for these vulnerable populations and insisted that FDA provide consumers with labeling containing clear warnings. 

The press heard the scientists loud and clear.  According to the well-respected trade publication FDA Webview, the panelists “suggested the agency should ban the device’s use in children and pregnant women.” *  Reuters announced that “Use of fillings in kids, pregnant women biggest concern…Enough uncertainty surrounds silver-colored metal dental fillings with mercury that U.S. regulators should add more cautions for dentists and patients, a U.S. advisory panel said.”

Parents, please insist on composite, tooth colored fillings for your child.  This is not a luxury or vanity item, it is a matter of neuro and muscular health!



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