Will Your State Soon Outlaw Elective Induction Before 39 Weeks?

The U.S. has a dirty little secret.  The maternal death rate in this country is triple that of Italy, double that of the U.K. and worse than Bosnia, Croatia, and Qatar.  Yep, I have no idea where Qatar is either. 

How is it that the most advantageous country in the world is trailing behind some countries that most people haven't even heard of?  Why is it that our maternal and infant mortality INCREASES every year instead of decreases?

One reason is that we force our babies out before they are ready, all in the name of convenience or unproven fear.

The rate of induced labor has tripled in the United States since 1990.  While 37 weeks gestation is considered full term, research has shown higher rates of respiratory problems, longer hospital stays and intensive care for babies born before 39 weeks. Induced labor before 39 weeks also increases the rate of emergency C-section deliveries.

Now Minnesota might become the first state to create a policy banning elective induction prior to 39 weeks gestation in order to avoid these complications and improve the health and wellbeing of mothers and babies.  While on the surface I applaud these efforts, no where in here is it addressed that elective cesarean won't be addressed, or how to avoid caregivers working the system and creating or making up "legitimate" reasons to induce.  I, for one, will be keeping my eyes peeled on this to see how it all plays out.  



To learn more about induction, please visit Birthologie.com 


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