Early Deliveries…Where Does YOUR Hospital Rank?

Would you believe that there are some hospital's in this country where you have an over 90% chance of being induced or c sectioned unnecessarily?  Believe it.

In fact one Texas hospital has a 100% rate of early scheduled deliveries.  100%! 

Few women would walk into their births thinking, "Gee, I should would like some unnecessary and risky interventions done on me."

One reason why I offer childbirth education is to inform women of all their choices and the risks and benefits of those choices.

One way to gain that information is to just ask the hospital directly, "What are the percentage rates of XYZ procedure?"

I encourage you to visit this website to see where your hospital ranks in early scheduled deliveries.  These numbers are a good indicator of all the other interventions that often accompany induction and cesareans, and often reflect the hospitals in your area with highest infant and maternal death rates. 

Luckily, there are many hospitals that have very low rates of early scheduled deliveries, like Chandler Regional in Arizona.

To find out more about cesarean, please visit Birthologie.com


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