What Can We Learn From the History of Birth?

To truly understand why things are the way they are in birth today, we must take a look back at history.

History will tell us a lot about birth, women, and the factors influencing a cultures attitudes toward birth itself.

When you take a look back at the history of childbirth, you will see that much more than just the physical act of releasing a baby has influenced women's experiences of this most transformative event.

Politics, religion, power, and greed have all played major roles in shaping our societies attitudes toward birth.  

Given all this baggage in our back maternity jean pocket, what modern women are saying is that ultimately, birth belongs to them.  Not governments, institutions or any other authority figure.

This timeline, in conjunction with the video, gives us a very clear picture of the road we are on.  It is your responsibility to form an independent lens on birth today as we know it, and decide what – if anything – you are going to do to empower yourself to put the power of birth in your hands!

To learn more about The History of Childbirth, please visit Birthologie.com


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