Kate Winslet on Her “Triumphant” Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

I've never met a women who went into her birth experience excited to be possibly having a cesarean – major abdominal surgery, and celebrities are no different.

Not too many celebrities will open up about their disappointment that resulted from an unplanned c section, so when Kate Winslet gave us a peak into the roller coaster of her unplanned c section and subsequent vaginal birth, I think it really did a world of good for other women seeking VBAC.

In her March 2004 interview in an Australian publication she said:

"I've never talked about this – I've gone to great pains to cover it up. But Mia was an emergency C-section.

I just said I had a natural birth because I was so completely traumatised by the fact that I hadn't given birth. I felt like a complete failure.

My whole life, I'd been told I had great child-bearing hips.

There's this thing among women that if you can handle childbirth you can handle anything. I had never handled childbirth and I felt like in some way I couldn't enter the 'powerful women's club'.

It was an amazing feeling having Joe naturally – Fourteen hours with no drugs at all, but then I had to have an epidural because I was so tired. I honestly thought I’d never be able to do it. It was an incredible birth. It laid all the ghosts to rest. It was really triumphant. "

Whether the surgery was life saving or elective, many women who have had a c section can identify with Kate.  To go on to give birth under your own power can have a transformation effect on a woman that can spill over into all other aspects of her life, not to mention that it is safer for both mother and baby.

Never once have I heard a woman say she has regretted at least attempting a VBAC, and with all the new studies out confirming the safety of VBAC for women who have had up to 3 cesareans, there is no reason why you should seek out information and research to support this decision. 

You really owe it to yourself and your baby.

To learn more about VBAC, please visit Birthologie.com


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