There’s a Midwife in the Government! What’s Next?

Back in 1995, I was one of many pregnant college students in Provo, UT.  I was pregnant with my first baby and making my next CNM prenatal appointment when I picked up the top card from a short stack for Holly Richardson.  I subsequently took her childbirth education classes, hired her to be my doula, and had a birth at American Fork Hospital in Utah.

Soon after I moved back to my hometown Las Vegas, pursued my own path in childbirth education and becoming a doula, once or twice touching base with Holly over the next 12 years.  I followed her blog as she fought hard on Utah's capital hill to keep midwifery and homebirth in Utah legal and safe and was always constantly impressed, but not surprised, at the dedication she had and the respect she commanded.  Holly is someone not to contend with…she was an L&D RN for years, then became a doula and childbirth educator, then became a midwife and then became a political activist – all this while raising a brood of 24 children, 20 of which are adopted special needs children from foreign countries. If anyone can get something done, it's Holly.

Shortly after I moved back to Utah, I met up with Holly again at the Midwifery College of Utah's President's Banquet, where I was getting my feet wet as a new board member.  I fully didn't expect Holly to recognize me or even recall my name at first, but when I went up to re-introduce myself, I stopped 3 words in as she threw her arms around me and said, "Amy!  How have you been!"

Midwives in the state of Utah, and possibly in the country, couldn't stop grinning last Jan 31 as they heard that Holly – or Holly on the Hill – was sworn in as a Utah state representative

Congratulations to Holly and her family and we all look forward to what is sure to be some great strides for our state government and midwifery!

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