Disney is Pushing Their Way into Your Birth

File this one under 'You've Got to Be Freaking Kidding Me".

Disney already has our little girls wrapped around their fingers with their 'Princesses', our boys with their Buzz Lightyear's and Woody's, now they want your precious, fresh from heaven newborns, too. 

According to this article from The New York Times, Disney is sending representatives out to 580 hospitals to prey on new moms that are maybe even less than 24 hours post delivery.  All to promote their new Disney Baby products line.  The new moms get a themed onesie, a sales pitch, and are pressured to hand over their email address to sign up for Disney marketing email alerts.

I haven't always liked a good portion of decisions that Disney has made, but you know, I've taken my kids to Disneyland and certainly enjoy a Sleeping Beauty or Snow White here and there. 

I thought I had made my peace with Disney, but then this came up and I had to think twice. 

And really, this isn't about Disney so much as it is a principle. 

I highly suspect that other companies want to do exactly what Disney is doing, and for decades it's been done in sneakier ways – like Nestle giving you a take home bag full of formula.  Personally I find it disturbing that companies prey on new moms in this very vulnerable state.  Birth and the days and weeks following it, are a very sacred time that should be spent bonding and getting to know your baby, not branding him.

Shame on Disney, Nestle, and all the other companies out there looking to disturb this very important time in our lives and families.

But most of all, shame on the hospitals that our selling their customers out. 

That's right, you are a hospital's customer.  Maternity care is by far the most profitable part of a hospital and it is where they dump the majority of their marketing dollars.  Studies have shown that if they can get you to birth in their hospital you are more likely than not to return for other care.  I just find it such a lack of integrity that they would try to profit off your birth even more than they are in such an unethical way.

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