The Hidden Risks of Using a Crib

When talking about infant sleep and making it as safe as possible, few people think about what may be traps in their baby's crib.  Yeah, they used to be painted with lead paint.  And the slats used to be placed too far apart so the baby's head could get trapped.  And there used to be a discrepancy between the mattress size and the crib frame so there was a gap that a baby could get stuck in.  But all that has been fixed right?  Just make sure you get the right bedding and you're good to go.

Not so fast.

–There is an average of 9,561 crib, playpen, and bassinet injuries a year in American children under two.

–More than 9 million cribs have been recalled by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission since 2007 because of safety issues.

–An average of 113 children died a year from crib-related deaths.

The study authors suggest because of lack of reporting the number of crib-related deaths actually might be much higher. 

This according to a new study, which was just published in the March issue of Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  To listen to the AAP and JPMA, you'd think that the biggest factor in death and injury during infant sleep was from bed sharing, but according to this study, it looks as if parents need to step back and asses risk through a different lens.

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