Breastfeeding Your Toddler = a Bigger Brain

One of the foundational wishes any parent has for her child is that the child grows and develops normally, and is as smart as possible. 

It isn't a secret…breastfeeding=increased intelligence potential.

But by how much?  And how much breastfeeding equates to how much increased intelligence?

A new study has just shed some light on the issue, and studied babies breastfed up to three years old

A three-year study of 128 mammal species, including humans, found that longer pregnancies and longer suckling times produce bigger brains in babies – possibly leading to a higher IQ…. 'And we have discovered that brain growth in babies is linked to the amount of time and energy mothers invest in their child.  'There is a strong relationship between specific issues in the way a mother invests in producing her offspring and a link between growth of the foetus and length of gestation.

Pediatricians will often tell you that breastfeeding past 6 months or 1 year no longer benefits the child, despite recommendations from the AAP and the WHO encouraging an extended breastfeeding relationship beyond 1 year.  But those pediatricians are wrong.  Nursing into toddlerhood has many benefits, adn know we know that it gives your child an advantage intellectually!

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