Briana…on Birth and Being a Midwife

Last weekend, my community lost a midwife in a roll over car accident.
She was only 28.

I wish I knew her better.  Having done a few births with her, had some meaningful conversations, and referred many women her way it was very personal to me.

Like most midwives, she felt her role as a midwife was a calling and treated each woman and birth with tenderness and humility.

Please take the time to learn from this wise sage femme.  Her insights, especially towards the middle and end of the video, are invaluable.

<p>Briana’s Words, Briana’s Wisdom from Kate and Neil on Vimeo.</p>

Sisters, let's regain the wisdom, the depth, the love and the safety that women like Briana dedicated their lives to.  Birth is so much more than getting a baby from point A to point B.  Embracing and living that fact will strengthen and sustain us for the rest of our lives.

<p>Briana Blackwelder (at my son’s birth) from David Perry on Vimeo.</p>

To learn more about midwifery care, please visit


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