Set Your DVR’s for Christy Turlington’s “No Woman, No Cry” on May 7

The maternal mortality numbers, or the number of women dying in the days surrounding childbirth, are inexcusably high these days.

Especially in the United States.

Did you know that you have a greater chance of dying from childbirth complications in California than you do in Bosnia?! 

The past few years, the maternal death rates have been climbing instead of reducing…why? 

Did you know that most of these deaths are completely avoidable?

For being one of the wealthiest, and most technologically advanced countries in the world, we sure do approach birth backwards, don't we?

Christy Turlington, former supermodel and mother, has decided to do something about the abysmal maternal mortality rates – not only in the U.S., but worldwide.

And she's made it easy for you to do something, too.

On May 7, you can host a viewing party for Christy's film, "No Woman, No Cry" premiering on the OWN network

You can also share your birth story, sponsor a midwife training, our buy the awesome soundtrack at Starbucks or online.

This mother's day, make sure that Every Mother Counts, and do your part to protect yourself during pregnancy and birth, and spread the word to help other women protect themselves.

An easy way to do this is to take part in watching this important film.

To learn more about mortality, please visit


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