Vaccinate or Leave? Why Pediatricians HATE Discussing Vaccines With Parents

A new survey among pediatricians and family doctors reports that:

nearly 80% of doctors have at least one vaccine refusal a month. And 89% reported at least one request a month to spread out the administration of recommended immunizations rather than giving them all during the same visit.

About one in two doctors reported spending up to 19 minutes on the topic with parents who have substantial immunization concerns.

Is this a problem for them?  Apparently it is:

About one in three physicians said discussing the issue during office visits is affecting his or her job negatively.

"Everyone expects parents to have questions about vaccines. But what used to be a discussion that would last several minutes is now, for some parents, lasting a great deal of time," said Dr. Kempe, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora and director of the Children's Outcomes Research Program at The Children's Hospital in Aurora.

She said such conversations often prevent physicians from addressing additional health issues and can make doctors late to see other patients.

"Primary care physicians are already really taxed in terms of the short time they have to deliver a great deal of medical care. … This is another additional burden," Dr. Kempe said.

Burden?  Doing their job is a burden. 

But should the doctors really be directing their frustration to the parents? 

Honestly, it's the vaccine manufacturers and the government who they should be frustrated with.  For many decades they have been overstated the benefits, while downplaying or ignoring the risks altogether, meanwhile demanding that every single child get multiple shots or suffer the consequences of not being allowed into school or other places.  Now that parents have gotten wise to the facts – that vaccines aren't a magic bullet to avoiding illness and that they can do some permanent harm or cause death, we are asking questions.  

Enter in the pediatrician – they are the middle men in all this and while it's understandable that they feel like parents are 'killing the messenger', the point is if they are going to choose to be that messenger, they've got to accept some responsibility and take more time to educate and answer hard questions.  

Many pediatricians are telling patients to leave their practice is they don't vaccinate.  Each pediatrician I suppose have their own reasons for this position.  Some may be just tired of patients who dare question them, and others may be in actual fear for their patient's health, but either way, is it ethical to deny and essentially bully parents into doing something they feel unsure of doing?  Are they violating their Hippocratic oath?

Yes, they are.  To force vaccines on us, not fully inform us and then deny us care or compensation when those vaccines harm us is insane and shows just how little they stand behind their product.  If they truly believed in their product, they would have no problem disclosing everything about it and being liable for when it is defective.

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