What’s In This Anyway? New Vaccine Ingredient Calculator

Whenever my family sits down to dinner (which is practically every night – I'm a stickler for homemade family dinner time), it's almost without fail someone asks, "What's in this?"

Can't say as I blame them, I think it's my fault they do that because before I eat or take anything internally I always ask that same question.

It was no different when the question of vaccination first landed in my lap.  What is in this shot anyway?

Now you have a great new tool to help you know….

The Vaccine Ingredient Calculator

Find out which vaccines were harvested on aborted fetus', pigs blood, or monkey brain.

Which vaccines have MSG, aluminum, or still have mercury.

As far as what side effects are associated with each vaccine?  I wish there was a calculator for that.  But one insightful blogger Shawn Seigel wrote:

What a Vaccine TV Ad Might Sound Like
You seen the ads for pharmaceuticals….they all end with a pretty disturbing warning about possible side effects.  What if vaccines followed suit?  What would their warning look like?

"Some people experience nausea immediately following vaccination, or within a few hours.

The aluminum adjuvant in the vaccine, used to stimulate the immune system, may leave a hard lump at the injection site, which may be hot to the touch – this will typically dissipate in a few days, but has been known to effect muscle pain and chronic fatigue, and, though rare, may trigger development of autoimmune disease, such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease); consult with your doctor at the first sign of any such reaction.

The vaccine recipient may issue a high-pitched shriek sometime within the twenty-four hours following vaccination, which may indicate brain inflammation, and may be followed by a lengthy period of regression – consult with your doctor.

The DTaP may cause bulging fontanelle in infants – this typically subsides after a few days, but may indicate brain damage; be alert for unusual behaviors, and call your doctor should you detect any.

Also in infants, reports associate SIDS with the vaccine; for a period of about three weeks following vaccination, do not place your infant face-down.

And, you may experience any combination of the following reported reactions, some of which may require hospitalization: abdominal pain, anaphylactic shock, apnoea, autism, bacterial/viral infections, convulsions, disintegrative disorder, coma, abnormal EEG, blood disorders, diabetes, eye movement disorder, hearing loss, trouble walking, narcolepsy, paralysis, pneumonia, impairment of psychomotor skills, screaming, and speech disorders.

This vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility. Please; educate before you vaccinate. Check with your doctor – the vaccine is contraindicated in some circumstances; for instance, if you’ve had a prior adverse reaction to the DTaP vaccine, or are immunocompromised."

To learn more about vaccines, please visit Birthologie.com


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