A Rare Hospital Indeed…..

Oregon Health and Science University Hospital is doing something unheard of in this country…..

They are developing evidenced based policies.

Vaginal Breech Births and VBAC after 2 cesareans.

While I applaud them for moving ahead and practicing according to what is safe rather than what is obstetrically trendy, I have to question their motives for doing so.

Says the article:

In 2008, 2 percent of home births in Oregon involved breech deliveries, Cheyney said.

"Part of the reason we decided to start this program is we felt it would be safer for those expectant mothers to have a hospital option and there wasn't one," Pereira said. "Some of these women would like to deliver in a hospital, but there wasn't a hospital to take care of them.

"We are just worrying about patients doing higher-risk type deliveries at home," he said. "We want to be able to offer them a safer option."

Oregon is a state that sees a high number of homebirths.  And apparently, the competition got to them.  They aren't offering these options because they think they are safe and support them, but are doing them to save those poor, helpless mothers and babies making ignorant choices and having their babies at home and oh yeah, they were losing business because of their backwards policies. 

As I wrote in one of my VBAC articles:

If I’ve learned one thing as a doula and childbirth educator, it’s that you have to be willing to walk away and say no in order to get adequate care sometimes.  I’ve also learned that the obstetric community doesn’t change until a certain threshold number of women will walk away from them.

In Other Words, OB’s Eventually Do What We Tell Them To. Period.

Now, this is not to vilify OB’s or pit you against your OB, but you do not have the luxury of time.  You cannot afford to wait until your OB’s ‘gets it’.  But let me suggest this.  If you aren’t willing to research, work and question your OB…if you aren’t willing to walk away and go somewhere else, if it is true that OB’s eventually do what we tell them to do (and I personally testify that that is the case), then may I suggest that the problem is not your OB, it is YOU.

I am glad that women have one more choice of how and where to birth, I just wish the motives were more authentic.

To learn more about VBAC and your birth options, please visit Birthologie.com


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