Why a Blessingway is Way Better Than a Baby Shower

Everyone I talk to doesn't mind going to baby showers, but it never fails….there is always a complaint.

"If I have to try to guess a melted candy bar in a diaper one more time I think I will throw up."

"I really hope I don't have to taste any unlabeled baby food jars again."

"I never know what to get the baby, it all seems too impersonal."

All pregnant women crave the same thing for their baby showers….a feeling of support and connection.  You'd have to be pretty shallow to just be in it for the gifts.

Traditional baby showers try their best to provide this support and connection, and to some extent they do.

But why not make your celebration as meaningful as possible?

Why not throw a Blessingway instead of a baby shower?

Just what is a Blessingway?

I've put together a nice pictorial of my niece, Julene's blessingway.


To learn more about making your birth meaningful, please visit Birthologie.com


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