Too Little of This Mineral Spells Disaster for Your Baby in Utero

In all likelihood, your caregiver has told you to reduce or eliminate the consumption of one very important mineral.


Why?  Why would this recommendation even exist?  It's based on the misguided assumption that salt in pregnancy causes water retention and bloating and could contribute to high blood pressure.  And these recommendations started becoming standard about the time when salt was being heavily refined and many chemicals were added to salt, so maybe there was something to that assumption, BUT…..

You need salt when you are pregnant.  For many reasons.  Without it your kidneys will not function normally and it could contribute to pre eclampsia and toxemia, a potentially life threatening condition.

Now, new research shows that not having enough salt in your diet can alter your offspring's kidney functioning.  It can contribute to hypertension and renal (eye) failure in children. 

It is important to note that not all salt is created equal.  You want to get unrefined, pure salt for your diet in order to ensure proper assimilation.  Did you know that regular table salt has MSG in it?  So, avoid it completely.  Instead I highly recommend full-spectrum sea and mineral salts like Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt that are loaded with beneficial trace minerals and actually have been shown to prevent hypertension and high blood pressure.

To learn more about how your kidneys impact your pregnancy, please visit


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