Ah, So THAT’S How Druggies Have Halfway Healthy Babies…

Something has always fascinated me….how do women who have atrocious diets and are even heavy drug users have seemingly healthy babies?  I mean, of course a few of them have babies that sadly suffer birth defects and are sickly, but how do some of them get away with having 7-9 lb babies that don't appear to have problems at birth? 

Because the body is amazing, that's why.

As this new research will tell you, the body does everything it can to protect that growing baby. 

When the placenta is deprived of nutrients and attacked by toxins, it

responded by breaking down its own tissues, recycling proteins inside its cells to provide a steady supply of nutrients to the developing hypothalamus despite the mother's interrupted food intake.

Does that mean that it's okay for a woman to starve herself or take in noxious substances during pregnancy?  Of course not!  It has been well established that the healthier your diet is, the the more likely it is your baby is health not only at birth, but throughout the rest of the child's life.  But, should you be forced to go without food for a period of time, just know that your body is doing all it can to help tide you over.  Your body is amazing.

To learn more about nutrition in pregnancy, please visit Birthologie.com


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